Villa Loyola has been furnished in a modern, spacious style. In this way, it can meet the needs of various groups for their specific activities. Parking is free and the building is wheelchair accessible.


  • 5 air-conditioned conference rooms with Internet access, accommodating 6 to 80 people
  • 2 dining rooms, with an uninterrupted view of the lake, which can accommodate around 80 people
  • A modern chapel for 75 people

Large conference room

$275 per day

(Plus 13% HST)

R123 has a capacity of 80 people

Small conference room 1

$100 per day

(Plus 13% HST)

The R135 has a capacity of 10 people

Small conference room 2

$150 per day

(Plus 13% HST)

The R136 has a capacity of 15 people

Main floor

12 rooms with 1 single bed and a single sofa bed

  • except for 2 bedrooms with 1 double bed and a single sofa bed.
  • Main floor :
    • 10 rooms with 2 single beds
    • Each room has its own private bathroom, and free internet access.

Single Room
75 par night

*2nd person in single room
$37.50 par night

(Plus 13% HST)

*A second person can stay in a single room on the sofa bed’s extra mattress.

Double room.
95 par night

**2nd person in single room
$47.50 per night

(Plus 13% HST)

**A third person can stay in a double room equipped for them (only two rooms have this option).


  • Home cooked meals expertly prepared; buffet-style service; choice of menus available on request
  • Coffee break served on time


Continental breakfast
$8 / each
Déjeuner (8 am - 9 am)
$15 / each
Lunch (12 pm - 1 pm)
$20 / each
Supper (5:30 pm - 6:30 pm)
$25 / each
Coffee break
$5 / each

(Plus 13% HST)


Charcuterie board


Fruit platter :

6 to 10 people
15 to 20 people

Vegetable platter :

6 to 10 people
15 to 20 people

(Plus 13% HST)

All meals are buffet-style, with the exception of the continental breakfast. Continental breakfast is also set aside to be consumed at the customer’s convenience. You can have full breakfast OR continental breakfast, but not both. Thank you very much.

Spiritual direction – by donating whatever you feel is appropriate for the service received (recommended rate of $35/hour).

  • NOTE: All prices are subject to change without notice.
  • All prices shown do not include HST. 13% HST will be added to all charges.
  • All items are subject to Villa Loyola’s availability and discretion.

For groups: LThe same meal will be served to all group members, with the exception of those with allergies or medical conditions.e même repas sera servi à tous les membres du groupe, à l’exception des personnes souffrant d’allergies ou de troubles médicaux.

Other Facilities

  • Reading and consultation room

Services available upon request

  • Audio-visual equipment (sound system, TV / VCR / DVD, LCD projector, piano, overhead projector, slide projector) and flip charts
  • Photocopy and fax service at reception

N.B. The rates quoted throughout are subject to change.